Pizza for breakfast, Pancakes for dinner

As a human being I see nothing wrong with left over pizza for breakfast.

Unless you warm it up.

That’s weird.

As a parent I see nothing wrong with pancakes for dinner. Now, you can’t have both every day.


it’s Saturday.

Me, I enjoy ice cream cake at all hours.

I try to provide as little processed food as I can. But as an American is nearly impossible.

At least two quarts of sugar free liquids a day. A gallon for the older kids in the house.

As many fruits and veggies as we will all eat at any point of our waking hours.

Peanut butter is a main source of protein.

Probably to much cheese and dairy.

Our only real vice currently are the Golden Arches. A hamburger and cheeseburger with only ketchup for you two. Fries and an unsweet tea for your mom and me.

Pickles, buttered noodles, wraps, tacos, tuna, marshmallows…….

What a life.

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