On Immigration

We are a nation of immigrants. Unless you actually can trace your lineage to the actual native people of this land. If that is the case please know that I apologize for how those that have been making decisions while running this country have lied, cheated, relocated, and systematically exterminated your culture from this beautiful land of y(ours).

There is nothing I can do to correct those mistakes but I acknowledge and recognize the errors from our past. Immigrants have always been and will always be a vital part of this land.

As an industrial nation immigrants have built this nation and have always provided cheap labor for the entrepreneurs that have built and those that are building America. The working class is the real story of America. It began with people tired of being oppressed in the lands they were born voyaging across the Atlantic Ocean for a better life. Slavery built the South for free from 1619-1863. Then for the next 100 years Jim Crow was the law of the land.

In the north it was the story of first generation immigrants from Europe as cheap laborers as well as children. In the west it was Chinese and other Asian Countries who were taken advantage of as a form of cheap labor.

I’ve traced my Irish, Austrian, and Polish ancestors back to this land after The Great War, and World War II respectfully. My great grandfather Jesus Lopez came here from Michoacan to work at the Steel Mills in Gary. He maintained a duel residency until the end of his life. My great grandmother Catalina was born in Spain and came to America shortly after she was born. She threatened to kill me when as a teenager I called her a Mexican.

Illegal immigration is a national security risk. Undocumented workers provide many industries with a cheap work force today. That should be an issue to all of us in terms of general working conditions, as well as taking jobs away from those looking for honest work, and tax collection.

I believe in strong border protection. I believe in following the rules and guidelines set forth to become a legal citizens of the United States.


I think building a wall along our southern border is a stunt that has cost taxpayers way to much money. Steve Bannon has just been arrested for his role in defrauding investors out of part of as much as $25 million from private investors investing in the We Build The Wall scam. The current administration has spent $15 billion dollars so far on the wall, of which only $5 billion has been provided by Congress. The other $10 billion has come from this President declaring a national emergency along our Southern Border that has allowed him to take money from other projects like replacing and repairing schools and day cares on military bases to build a wall that is divisive, pointless, ineffective, and structurally weak.

Guess who is not paying for the wall?


I feel a digital fortress, along with current and more innovative border patrol tactics, would be a more beneficial and cost effective way to tighten up our southern, northern, eastern, and western borders. Anyway people enter this country illegally be it by foot, on an atv, by boat, through tunnels, hidden in container ships and vehicles, or low flying airplane should be monitored. I believe technology is the answer.

I’m a dreamer,

Not a wall builder

I believe in a path to citizenship for all illegal workers already here.

If you were born here, you are an American citizen. If your parents are here illegally they should be given a path to citizenship.

Kindness is a strength not a weakness

In case you were wondering,



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