August 9th, Strange days indeed

For the last 4 years August 8th through October 1st is that strange time of year when Stella and Geri are the same age. Our Irish Twins. This year adding on the pandemic and my bid to win an election it seems even stranger.

Everybody’s talkin,

Seems like everybody is talking these days but is anyone actually listening? At least for the people in power in the political world no one says a word to me or seems interested in any type of conversation.

no one says a word,

I still am trying to plan a series of debates, town halls, or other moderated discussions between myself, all of you, and the other candidates for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. I’ve reached out to the other political parties, Anderson University, Indiana Wesleyan, Ivy Tech, The Vogue, and the Palladium about hosting. I’ve reached out to all local media outlets in search of a co host. I’ve even extended an invitation to the Indiana Debate Commission as well as the Indiana Town Hall Organization about their willingness to partner in any such debate. Even before this pandemic it was a long shot, but that’s kinda the story of my campaign.

Always something happenin,

Turned a few voters to my side during this Week’s Tuesday’s with Tucker. A total of 9 people on the call. We talked a lot about schools reopening, ballot access, hemp, marijuana, and alternative energy just to name a few topics. Stayed close to home this week with stops in Carmel, Noblesville, and Westfield. Wednesday morning on Hazel Dell I was offered a ride for the first time. It was a man. He had on a polo with the IFD shield on it. He told me he could take me to Indy. I told him I’m trying to get to D.C.

And nothing going on,

I continue to reach out to any and all local groups, organizations, non profits, businesses, houses of worship, etc about my campaign and ways we can work together to benefit all of US. The girls and I made a new sign for the top of the element. Now I have to frame out the base and I’ll be completely mobile with my message. Look for it as well as me, the original signs, and my other signs all over the district.

Nobody told me there would be days like these,

Granted I didn’t know anyone in the political world before I jumped head first into it. But, I find it odd that outside of throwing myself in front of on coming traffic, breaking the law, or stating some pretty ridiculous positions no one from the media seems the least be interested in what is happening with my campaign. I’ll just keep being me and hopefully that will be enough to bring this movement of the people to Washington D.C.

That being said, I do have my first radio interview this Thursday at 9 am on 103.7 WHBU.

Strange days indeed,


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