June 12, There’s more than Corn in Indiana

Friday was the most important day of my campaign yet.

It all started Tuesday morning when the (ISTA) the Indiana State Teachers Association got back to me about my endorsement request. After over a year of cajoling the organization about my candidacy. I met with the Unit 12 PAC of I-PACE. The Indiana Political Action Committee of the ISTA. It was a Zoom meeting. I spoke from the heart of a teacher of how I want to continue to lend my voice in fighting to represent all involved with Indiana Public Education. Needless to say I hope I earned their endorsement.

I get political for education

As a former public school teacher, a former member of the ISTA, and a life long supporter of public education i’m not sure how they could endorse either of my opponents over me. But, as i’m beginning to find out the political world is different than the world the rest of us live in. This could be a huge positive for my campaign and allow me access to the one political group I was a member of. Either way, my campaign is built to last until November and beyond.

The Wind, seemed appropriate

Also on Tuesday I had my first ever flop with Tuesday’s with Tucker. I had hoped to learn from a vast aray of people, professionals, academics, and corporations about all things wind related in this state. No one got on the call. Which is unfortunate. But, it did allow me to review the nine page I-PACE questionnaire before submitting. I think I need to consider adding Google Groups, Facebook live, or whatever Instagram and Twitter offer in the live streaming.

Rails to Trails

I spent Wednesday here in Westfield on the Midland Trail. It was another success. Lots of honks, thumbs up, awkward smiles/waves, but most importantly it was people looking at me, my signs, and wondering what all this is about. Made an impromptu stop on 32 in Noblesville on Thursday. It was a hot, humid, day here in Indiana.

So, where’s the corn?

She asked

As I was packing up on Thursday I had what I thought was my first road solicitation. A red Nissan Leaf pulled into the Ascension Parking lot and pulled directly in front of the Element.

Oh corn?

No it’s .com

Me to her

We were both cornfused. Well shucks here’s the conversation in it’s entirety.

My name is Ken Tucker. I’m running for Congress here in the fifth.

What? She replied.

Congress. I’m trying to earn your vote this fall.

Oh, she says. I thought your sign said corn. Only in Indiana or Iowa I suppose, was my response. We both laughed. She told me I earned her vote just by standing out in this heat. I said thanks. Directed her to my website. Stated I’d still rather earn it. She honked and waved as she pulled back out onto 32.

I know it’s different,

But I think we know what we get,

If we only have two choices,

Take a chance on me,

I won’t let you down

An honest statement

The highlight of my week was Saturday when Missy and the girls came to see me. I spend the entire morning in and around the Noblesville Farmers Market. Missy and the girls got there about 11. We walked around it as a family. Sat in the shade. Saw some friends. Had a lemonade and a Celtic Pretzel. Of all the new places, people, and faces I have met during this campaign the only place I want to be is with my four ladies. They are the other big part of my political foundation.

The corn is as high as an elephants eye.

To earn your vote,


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