July 5th 2020

Did this on Wednesday

Happy Belated Birthday America.

Not bad for almost 250. But still not good enough.

If you haven’t read my Happy Birthday America post and you want to know my thoughts on the meaning of yesterday. Please read that. .

As far as today. I would have slept a lot better if it hadn’t been for the busted water pipe. Missy and I acted as swiftly, thoughtfully, and most importantly pragmatically that we have curbed an act of god from destroying our most treasured space. So that is good. As far as the bang, booms and pops I like them. Especially during the times my towns allows per the city ordinance. From my front porch and backyard it was the same but cooler. It was another great week on the trail.

I invited a literal who’s who of Midwestern Hemp Culture, farming, agriculture, science, business owners, and leading figures for this weeks Tuesdays with Tucker. The one big takeaway from it was security of all things. Or other types of crop protection. Be they insurance, securities or plant. This only strengthens my belief that this could be our future and those that can’t see it shouldn’t be in office. Hemp production in this state is the future for Indiana’s agricultural and industrial strength. If we elect competent people in government to help lead our countries innovative entrance into those burgeoning markets. We would then allow ourselves a fair shot at creating this industry right here in our fine state.

I headed out to Castleton on Wednesday and met with some young voters who are already sick and tired of only having 1 or 2 choices. The generations underneath my own are analytically savvy, politically minded, and looking for more people like me to be involved for them in the areas of equality, education, and the environment. Along with those of my own generation, and those of my parents, and grand parents generations that think the way I do. I honestly think I have a shot at this.

At least I hope anyway,

For all of our sake.


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