6/28 Organizing

This weeks Tuesday’s with Tucker was all about Utilities. I spent a morning with Bryce Gustafson from Indiana Citizens Action Coalition. If you don’t know much about the CAC just know they are a utility watchdog group that has been the only entity in this state looking out for consumer interest for the last 45 years. This upcoming week it’s all about CBD, Hemp, THC, and the future of marijuana in the state. I’ve invited quite a few leaders to join me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

A rally

I’m in the beginning stages of organizing a rally here in the 5th. If I’m being honest, and that is what this journal is, I’m hoping for at least two. One this summer and another, or possibly two more this fall leading up to the election. I’ve been reaching out to celebrities, non profits, and other organizations that I feel would be a natural fit for a day focusing on education, equality, and the environment.

What I hope it includes is information, conversation, dialogue, music, and some activism between now and the election. I’ll keep you posted.

You’ll never believe how difficult contacting famous people, CEO’s, non profit leaders, as well as for profit business leaders or owners, even union bosses or associates, not to mention any publicly elected or appointed official official can be. Until you try it yourself.

Stayed close to home this week. Had Liberty Park and the corner off 161st and Union all to myself Wednesday. Got some honks, a few hollers, a lot of thumbs ups, and a few smiles which is always nice.

Had an epiphany at sunrise

Hung out Friday morning above the eyes on Meridian. Got out on the water later and earned a few more votes at Red Bridge in Cicero later that day by answering questions about my stickers.

Was up on stage at the Noblesville Farmers Market for about 25 minutes on Saturday. Then, an official with the Farmers Market told me political signs are not allowed on property. But, she did tell me that I could set up in the parking lot and that is exactly what I intend on doing at least one more time in Noblesville on a Saturday morning before the election. The rest of the weekend was a wash out but allowed me some unscheduled time at Tucker HQ. Which was used for some much needed sign maintenance, and the opportunity to find a forever spot for the kayaks.


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