6/21 Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Seeing that I really don’t want to work today lets see what I can come up with for this weeks Road Journal.

The Tuesday’s with Tucker audience continues to increase so that is a good thing. I had a great conversation Brandon Butler of Driftwood Outdoors. I learned a lot about the history of conservation, present day successes and how they are built on historical footings, and some of the hurdles facing current legislation. I find the innovation of conservationist old and new to be inspiring and indicative of the American Experience. There are some bills making there way through the different committees and chambers on the federal level and that is a good thing.

The key to my campaign is a passion. A passion for life, education, the environment, and equality. I learned a shit ton about methane gas capturing technology on Tuesday as well. Get it. A shit ton. It’s manure people. I also learned that the road we all live is not set in stone. Find your passion and try your best. Who knows what will happen.

Took my signs to Rosston on Wednesday. It’s the flower lady corner on Michigan (421) and 32. That atrocity of a round about. Because I drive it all the time I knew it would be a busy corner. It was. Still working through sign stability. I know I can plant safely in the grass. Now, I can also get it secured on pavement. At least it worked in the gravel this week. Thanks for the honks, hollers, and thumbs up. A few honks as well on 96th and Meridian Friday. Morning group seems more like a passive crowd. I get it. You’re all going somewhere you probably don’t want to go.

Got a few interesting DM’s through Facebook and Twitter this week that made me think that I think I might turn into a different video where I read the questions and my responses to those inquiries. Maybe my first Facebook live thingy. Plus, I can’t record my Tuesday’s with Tucker because I have the free plan.

With a bit of a headache and an achy back the element and I sat out Saturday morning looking for Normal, Leisure, and Guy for an epic shoot but I made an impromptu stop at the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization.

I was sent to ask for Mr. Proffits. Jim, that is.

I don’t want your card,

or to talk about politics.

Jim to me

I respect that. He and I, along with a couple of the other guys sat around for about an hour. I learned a lot about what their mission is, their history, and future events. Jim invited me back out in September with only one rule: No politics. He also gave me the ok to document. If you can follow that rule and would like to help document. Let me know. I’m going. After that I made my way up to Gas City. Got set up at a few different high traffic spots. I think for that day Gas City wins the All Indiana Town contest. It reminded me very much of my hometown. I get a good feeling from that city and I always love the drive. Earned a few more votes and got some more exposure.

Not sure why it is upside down

The more I talk to people the more I do believe that if I can keep making myself available and offer people a chance to at the very least speak to me, the more people will know about my campaign, and the more I believe I can win this whole thing. Next, I think I am going to plan a rally or benefit for the campaign. Hopefully more info on that soon.

At least that is where my positivity has taken me this Father’s Day.


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