Replacing Susan Brooks

In case you are unaware who exactly Susan Brooks is; she is Indiana’s 5th Congressional Representative to the House of Representatives in Washington D.C. My name is Ken and I want to earn enough votes to take her place. To be fair so do about 2 dozen other people. As of this moment I’m the only one on the ballot in November.

Congresswoman Brooks in action in D.C.

I have driven to Anderson, Sheridan, and Elwood over the course of the last 9 months to ask her questions about her job.

Here is my initial reaction to our most recent meeting on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020.

I’ve asked her to meet with me and any/all other candidates who are campaigning to replace her as Indiana’s 5th Congressional Representative. It took quite a bit of persistence through email, Facebook, and Twitter. But she, or someone from her staff, did get back to me.

Mrs. Brooks does not have any openings in her busy schedule

Unfortunately, I was told she would be unable to make any time in he schedule between last December and November 3, 2020. I can’t believe that’s actually true. But, I tried.

In person she seems nice enough. Honestly, she has spoken honestly with me and I do appreciate that.


Here’s the but

As a politician she has been very lackluster in areas that are of great concern to me like education, equality, and the environment. It’s one of the reasons why I’m running to replace her.

During her time as my representative I have felt voiceless. During her time as my representative she really hasn’t gotten any real legislation passed that is of any consequence to me personally our district, our state, or the nation.

The Jake Laird Act would be the one piece of legislation that she has attempted to get out of committee. But, even as a Republican participating in a super majority she was unable to get it passed. That baffles me on a multitude of levels.

The Post Offices and roads being renamed in honor of Hoosiers is cute. But I expect more from any and all of me elected representatives. The Pandemic and All Hazardous Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act that she has been touting over the last year or so is a very lackluster piece of legislation to hang your career on.

What about the PAHPA

Especially now as it seems we are extremely under prepared to combat the most recent pandemic, Coronavirus/Covid-19. Seems that touted PAHPA piece of legislation wasn’t worth less than paper it was written. As we are still susceptible to pandemics like SARS, Swine Flu, and now the Coronavirus. But don’t worry another Hoosier is all over it. Mike Pence is in charge of our government’s response.

What could go wrong?

I just want more and I think the Indiana’s 5th Congressional District deserves far more from our Hoosiers in Washington D.C.


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