Your first warning(s)

Missy and I heard one of the sounds all parents fear in a home with a flight a stairs.


The almost unmistakable sound of someone falling down the steps. Your mom and I were watching Sunday Morning in the Den. You two were playing in your rooms.

Multiple abnormal/irregular thumps

We looked at each other with equal parts curiosity and panic.


A limb against the wall

A simultaneously leap from the couch from your mom and I. She went right, I went left, towards the kitchen.


Who knows what hit what

I reached the doorway first first, your mom on my heels, both our hearts racing at the possibilities.


The sound of a person hitting the gate at the bottom of the stairs

Your mom and I had a visual on you at the bottom of the steps before you began crying. The gate at the bottom of the steps having been knocked off the pressure points on the wall and the banister respectfully. I scooped you up and looked at the open gate at the top of the stairs.

Missy and I nurtured Geri. We calmed her down, checked her for lumps, bumps, and had her perform an overall range of motion exercise to rule out any broken bones.

Then, we got the story. Her sister pushed her down the steps.

I proceed upstairs to Stella. No where to be found.

I don’t like getting upset at anyone. Especially the ladies in this house. But sometimes fear can be a motivating factor. In all honesty I held myself up pretty well as scared as I was. I learned long ago that delivery, how you say it, is just as important as the words you choose. I channeled my inner Jules and delivered an all important message of stair safety to my eldest daughter.

I will strike down upon thee,

With great vengeance and furious anger,

Upon those who attempt to hurt, or in this case push anyone I love down a flight of steps.

Ezekiel 25:17ish

You can skip to 1:35 to see that line.
But, I can almost assure you the eyes, demeanor, and tone of my voice was totally Jules for a brief moment.

The penalty handed down was immediate: No TV and long lasting: No iPad for a week.

Here’s hoping that never happens again and to closing the gate at the top of the stairs.

Geri, you’re hardheaded just like me.

Thankfully in this case, not so much in other cases.


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