As a parent I try to enjoy as much of this young stuff as possible. Playing. Running. Jumping. Imagining. Make believe. Games. Forts. Etcetera. Even before the Great Quarantine as a Stay at Home Parent Children’s Television Programming has been a part of our daily routine.

Much like everything I expose my kids to I try to make it as beneficial as possible. As it pertains to parenting and screen time I make a conscious decisions. Being only 4 and 3 it’s one of those things that I try to make as wholesome and as healthy as I can for my daughters.

One of the shows I enjoy with Stella and Geri is Barbie Life in the Dream house. If you’ve never seen it and are familiar with the Barbie franchise it’s probably not what you think it is.

It’s completely over the top in every sense. The setting, the story lines, and vocabulary. It’s the Barbie Universe in all it’s stereotypes and forms mixed with production set up of reality game shows like The Bachelorette and The Amazing Race.

Back to the title, Schwanpooffa.

What do you call the thing when you are unsure of it’s name?

I still like Johnson Rod in certain settings. Or there’s always a….


is a universally understood phrase as well

Or you can’t go wrong with a….. ah,

Remember those?

Thanks to Barbie: Life in the Dream House my daughters and I have added Schwanpooffa to our shared vocabulary and inside jokes. It sounds fancy. Can you hand me that schwanpooffa? Looks like that shwanpoffa has come loose again. You get the drift. All the above are better choices than,

That thingy

It’s the little things that get parents through this,


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