Flip the fifth

When a person is standing in the anatomical position.

The thumb is the outermost digit. The fifth if you will.

I’ve always loved a good thumbs up. So, i’m going to try and adopt that as another logo connected to my campaign. The beard and a hearty thumbs up.

C’mon everyone. You know you can do it.

Whether you have a straight one, a curved one, a hitchhiker’s, or if you can flip that thing all the way against your wrist. Lets really flip the fifth and elect an Independent to Congress in the 5th Congressional District here in Indiana.

I’ve lived in Indiana my entire life. I’ve lived in the 5th district going all the way back to when Dan Burton was our representative and the boundary was totally different.

When I moved here

This November will be my 8th time casting a ballot for the 5th Congressional District and very little has changed. Except for the physical boundary and the amount of people who have moved into the district since 2006. Much like the influx of people from outside the district I think our views on the state and country have changed.


Who knows what those that draw these lines will come up with after the 2020 census and the maps get reworked again. I feel a lot of US that live in the current 5th Congressional District feel misrepresented with our representatives in public office. Be it in our own State House or on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on some pretty important issues:





These are some of the basic rights of humans to go along with Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. If you agree, flip the 5th, think about a truly Independent Voice to represent US in Congress. Then, maybe all of our schools, our natural environment, and all Hoosiers will truly have a voice in government.

Not a political party.

Not a corporation.

Not a wealthy donor(s).

Just me,

for you.



For the literary crowd. Know that I will bite my thumb when needed and just. Especially when it does not represent the best for all of us.

Do you bite your thumb at thou?

Rome and Juliet

Today, biting the thumb would mean flying the tall finger. The third one from either side.

Happy Friday

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