Gerald Montasiewicz

My grandpa.

In case your lookin over my shoulder.

Sept. 12th 2019

That’ll be the day

As you leave this earth and travel to the great beyond I’d like the world to know what a great man you were and how much you meant to me. I was one of two brothers your 24 year old son brought home with him sometime during the year 1983 along with their almost 22 year old mom.

Born in East Chicago Indiana. Grew up in Hammond. A graduate of Bishop Noll. An Army Veteran. Resident of Miller, Merrillville, Demotte, and Crown Point. You worked at McInrney and Art Hill Ford, before retiring from Columbia Pipe. When you married Trina Lopez in 1968 you had no way of knowing the effect you would have on my life.

Michoacán early 70’s

Be good to one another

Remember that somebody loves you

When I was a child I was equal parts amazed, scared, and amused by you. Jet black hair, lean square frame, Buddy Holly glasses, you always seemed older than you were. You knew how to fix anything and everything. Cars, trucks, small engines, dry wall, toilets, furnaces, TV’s, radios, the list could go on.

Jack of all trades

Master of none

You had a joke for every occasion. You loved me like I was you own. I learned how to be a man watching you. How to love your wife. How to be firm but fair with your children. How, when, and where to cuss. The value of a good joke. How to respect your neighbor. Again, the list could go on.

Hark I hear the canons roar

One of my favorite jokes

I saw you and grandma in an entirely different light when I moved in with you after college. Our relationship evolved from grandparents and a grandson to friends. We all left for work, came home to eat and live out our evenings. I began to see you as Jerry and Trina. Not just grandma and grandpa and there was absolutely a difference. After she died you were so dog gone lonesome, and I began to appreciate you on an entirely different level. I know how much you loved her and she loved you.

Naturally, as the years ticked by

We both aged. You were more of a dad to me than any other person in the world. I watched helplessly as you began to deteriorate physically. The back was always an issue and as time wore on we spent less time working on cars, in the house, out in the yard, and other projects that people do. But we began spending even more time in the garage talking, smoking cigars, drinking coffee, and listening to our music. Mostly yours. Some of mine.



Marty Robbins

Don Williams


I’m still sorry about the ‘bird but I didn’t have and wont ever have a place for it. As much as my wife loves me and we love you, and we all loved that car. We had nowhere to put it.

Not bound by blood,

but by the circumstances of life,

and our shared experiences together.

Thank you for everything. I could only hope to be half the man you were. When people have said to me over the last decade or so, “Oh my god you’re like your grandfather”


I think

Has always been my reply

If there is a heaven surely you are already there. You literally never hurt a fly or an a(u)nt. You raised 6 kids that weren’t your own but we never felt that way. You never complained. I never heard you raise your voice. Tone not volume was your style. Just like Johnny Cash. I admired you for that and I am forever grateful for you raisin’ us on The Man In Black. I never felt closer to any man in my life than a self proclaimed stubborn Pollock that at his very core believed if I job was worth doin’ it was worth doin’ the right way.

Stubborn Pollock


Give grandma a hug from me.

Tell Johnny and all the other artist up there thank you for the gift of music.

And a tie that will bind you and I together despite being blown asunder.

Just like the songs you leave behind for me

We’ll live forever you and I.

I’ll tell myself now, what I know tell my daughter when they begin to cry.

It’s ok to cry.

That means you love or loved someone.

It’s OK to cry because you miss someone. If you think about it crying is good. That means you can love someone. Just don’t forget to smile. Because of all the laughs and love you shared along the way.

I miss you both. Here he comes grandma. Get ready!

Your loving grandson,


Viewing Monday, September 16th 4-8 at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel.

In lieu of flowers he’d probably want you to send a donation to Lake County Humane Society or the ASPCA


  1. Thank you Kenny well said Jerry was a great man an loved life each day He valued family an Trina was his love along with you an the boys an Kitty


  2. You put many years of love an devotion into these paragraphs it made me see Jerry as I once knew him thank u Kenny Jerry loved you as well as Trina Jerry looked forward to the day he could be with Trina again RIP Jerry you lead a great life .


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