Trade war

As I try to continue to understand the American Political climate I can’t help but think about the trade war with China. Note: I’m not an economist or business strategist. However, I have enough understanding on those topics to be knowledgeable. One final disclaimer if you know anything about how a trade war works you need not read any further.

First off, if you are totally new to the idea of a trade war it’s when countries use tariffs, aka taxes, as a weapon against another country. Back in the day they were referred to as a:


I like to shop at the duty free shop

He said doody

If you support President Trump increasing tariffs on imports form China or any other nation. Please be aware that you also support paying more for everything we purchase here in America that comes from, or is processed with materials from that nation. In this case we are speaking of China? I encourage all of US to take a look around and see how China supplies America with many nonessential and some essential goods. Here’s a short list:





Electronics (the screen you are or could potentially be reading this on)


You’ll pay more for all the above

Unless that is the American distributors who import goods from China decide they want to absorbed those cost at no expense to the consumer. Another way this wont effect US would be if the business owners, board of directors, and stock holders of those businesses decide to accept lower profit margins and stock prices. Do you have dreams? I know I do.

It’s not a criticism. It’s reality. I doubt many corporations will pick up the tab on these tariffs. So who do you think is going to end up paying these tariffs? It’ll probably be US.

make America great again

level the playing field for US businesses

Between China flooding multiple markets with goods to drive down prices, their deplorable and repressive working conditions, and the President living up to campaign promises, I get it. Let it be known that I do support the President in his attempts to bring jobs back to America. By making other countries pay more to access American markets, and trying to level the playing field for American small businesses to compete in an unfair global economy. Let is also be known that I don’t for a second believe he is placing tariffs on Chinese goods in response to the mistreatment of their workforce. However, I think it is important that we all at least try to understand what a trade war is, why we are involved in one, and the effect it will have on our individual lives.

All is fair in love and trade war

China will in turn increase their tariffs on US imports as well
Most recent data I could find

How do you think those business owners will react initially to an increase expenditure? It’s something to consider.

Just being honest.


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