Baby Bunny

was a squealin,

but we was speakin,

it was a hollerin,

then we were worrin,

i tried to shield the two of you,

but you wanted to see,

What’s butts doin daddy

“don’t touch the bunny with your hands and stay calm, ken”

that bunnies sleepin, don’t go a touchin,

What are you doin daddy?

daddy’s puttin em back by his momma,

two more that day but they were still movin,

we found the nest,

just by lookin,

we tried to block it from the dogs,

then we talked about the great beyond.

We call it

A Happy Place

Shortly thereafter Ninnies was the first who went there from your lives.

The final gift from a helluva a guy.

The initial conversation of what happens when we all die.

And that’s all I have to say about it.

Thanks for readin.


It was a long friendship

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