In honor of Tyler Trent

Good morning Purdue students, faculty, alumni, fans, and anyone else with a connection to Purdue University.

Lets take another Giant Leap Saturday, September 7th that hopefully has enough of an impact that it last for the next 150 years.

My proposal may seem trivial to some, inspirational to others, and inconsequential to a few. However, I would like to ask the student sections at Purdue Athletic events at any event on any campus, whether you are apart of Ross-Ade Brigade, the Paint Crew, out at Alexander Field, or any Purdue sporting event to use (y)our collective voice to remember one of the most inspirational students and greatest fans Purdue University has ever known:

Tyler Trent.

At the very least lets put an end to and replace the ridiculous kickoff chant for eternity. I was on campus from 2000-2004 and we never did it. I attended one game in the 90’s. It didn’t happen then either. I was shocked, saddened, and miffed when I first heard the Bloomington reference a few years ago. I just didn’t understand the significance. My disdain has only grown over the years.

First, I think it’s pretty lame. Second, I really don’t care about them except when we play for The Bucket, or 2-3 times annually on the hardwood. Once the Indy Star got a hold of the story and that became the narrative of Ross-Ade Stadium I for the first time as a Purdue fan felt embarrassed.

Then, someone remarkable happened. Tyler Trent.

Hindsight usually brings clarity. But, I’m sure you all remember how Tyler inspired all of us with his strength, composure, and remarkable resolve in the face of incredible circumstance beyond his control.

I would like to ask the students at Purdue University to use their voice to spread hope not hate. If I had my choice I’d ask you to go with:


Tyler Trent

Play for Tyler

Tyler Strong

Cancer Sucks

Or any other incarnation that is a tribute Tyler Trent and the profound effect he continues to have on society.

Congratulations to all that have been in attendance both on the field and in the stands at Ross-Ade Stadium. The State and Nation have heard us both on and off the field. We have a collective voice. Now, what are we going to do with this opportunity.

Tyler Strong!
Cancer Sucks!

If all the world is a stage, and we all just performers. As a Proud Boilermaker I would rather the Purdue family embrace Tyler’s strength, humility, spirit, and how he inspired all of us to live life to the fullest as our war cry.

Boiler Up!

Hammer Down.

Thank you to the Trent family for your blessing.

Godspeed Tyler.


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