Madam Speaker

I hope you can help. I’ve been trying to get in contact with my Congressional Representative from the 5th district of Indiana, Susan W. Brooks, for quite sometime now. I’ve searched the internet, emailed her directly, called her office, and even signed up for twitter to keep up to date with my this fast paced world in which we live. This predates her retirement announcement by a few months and has shown me how utterly useless Twitter can be for actual human to human conversations.

I’m contacting you, as well as Senior Senator Schumer, and Democratic Whip Dick Durbin ironically through Twitter because I hate the multi step process to send an email to any of you through your websites.

I digress. I’m contacting you and Mr. Schumer because you’re always in front of the camera. Mr. Durbin because he is the guy from Illinois that I grew up watching in the Chicagoland market. He’s the guy that suppose to get stuff going for the Democratic Party to answer a question from a press conference a few weeks ago that you seemed to struggle explaining the position.

Now, as a constituent of Mrs. Brooks, I would like to file a complaint against her. For her, or anyone at her office for that matter, to be unavailable or unable to answer fairly basic questions is to me, unacceptable for an elected official. Congrats on her retirement and all, but there is still work to be done by this Congress and there is more than enough time to do so.

I wonder what my boss would say if I kept avoiding parents of the students that I taught during my teaching career? I can’t imagine they would be all that excited. I know she’s a Republican and your a Democrat, but seeing that you all work together could you at least let her know that I am looking for her.

My questions are simple. I’m not sure if she and her office have completely checked out, or if it has been like this her entire time in office. I hope that this type of behavior is not indicative of Capitol Hill as a hole, but I fear it is. I hope I’m wrong. Either way, could you please point me to a credible website where I could find Mrs. Brooks professional/political stances on upcoming new bills, bill renewals, and/or anything else I would find useful as a registered voter in America.

I will provide a list of questions if needed.

While i’m writing already let me also say that as an American, i’m not for impeachment. Not because the President is not deserving. But because I do know what a long process that would be, how ugly it probably will get, and those proceedings would inevitably go past the next election and leave a stain on our Country. However, I do want your word that the President does know that you, and the members of this congress are still looking into his involvement with election interference. And that presidential privilege does not extend past the end of his term(s) in office or predate him taking the office. Finally, and somewhat jokingly is he of sound mind and body? Just asking, because that is how he got people to listen to him.

That’s it.

Keep working.


For all of us.

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