I’m not asking for money.

Just time.

If you see me in public say hi, honk, or flip the fifth (the thumb)

Even before it was trendy I’ve been running a grassroots and virtual campaign.

Follow me on Social Media.

Facebook: Ken A. Tucker

Instagram: Ken A. Tucker

Twitter: @aguyfromindiana

Youtube: Tucker for Indiana or ktucker4498

Make your own sign

Save the above image of my logo to your phone, desktop, camera roll, etc and for roughly $12 you can make your own sign like the only one I have from Walgreen’s.

To expensive or time consuming?

Please follow me on social media. Like me. Share me. Retweet me. Heart me. Mention me to whoever you talk politics. Talk to your neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends about my campaign.

Come out and support me at local events throughout the 5th.

I want to earn your vote,

not buy it,

or pay for it.

Unless time is your currency. Then, I definitely can pay for your vote.