Why are you running for Office?

I want to be a voice of the people.

I will fight for equality.

I want to be a voice for public education and our environment.

I want to open up new markets, better utilize the ones we already have, and protect all our freedoms.

I want to legalize marijuana and fund education and transportation.

I’m tired of having my vote stolen from either side.

Also, I’m running out of a general curiosity of how this all happens.

Next, I’m tired of begging my politicians to look out for our common interest.

I’m done assuming how governing actually happens.

I’m tired of corporate interest and big money donors driving politics.

How do you feel about guns?

I will defend the 2nd Amendment.

But, I will fight for common sense gun laws.

Gay marriage

I support equality for any man, woman, and child regardless of their gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. I believe no government, organization, or business has claim to our bedrooms or kitchens.

The Federal Government’s response to the Pandemic

In a word, poor.

To deny science is to deny facts. To deny facts is to put people at risk.

To put people at risk is not something our government should ever knowingly do.


Shouldn’t apply.

But, since it does I believe in religious freedom.

I also believe in freedom from religion.

I do not believe in state sponsored religion.


I think it is sad that our local municipalities are in an arms race of sorts with not just the local population, but also the illegal population to keep all of us safe.

I respect all law enforcement agents.

I do not support qualified immunity for ambassadors nor police officers.

I would never defund the police. But, I do agree it’s time to rethink standard operating procedures and expectations of all government employees. But, looking at the Oval Office now why should I require more from our officers, teachers, first responders, etc than I do from our President and VP?


I think it is very sad that this is still such a hard conversation for some.

Racism is taught.

We all need to do a better job showing, living, loving, and talking racism away during our daily lives before it continues to be a self fulfilling prophecy for any side.


We as Americans have created the digital world in which we live.

I do not approve or support any bulk data storage of any type by our government or any business of any citizen without a warrant from some judge somewhere.


I’ll never vote to raise your individual taxes. I’ll make sure businesses pay a fair rate.

I’ll do my best to figure out wasteful spending.


I believe in Parental Rights. I’m Pro Choice.


I’m shocked at how big pharma has taken over our prescription industry. The over prescription of opiods is tied to increase profit margins and stock prices of the companies at the peril of the American people. These unchecked practices have turned the medical field up side down from it’s original theme of do no harm to make as much money as possible. Is there a place for opiods in our medical field absolutely. But something has to change to flatten, and hopefully reverse, opiod abuse in America.

Climate Change

I believe climate change and the climate crisis are real. I believe it posses one of the most significant threats to our overall existence and sustainability as a nation and as a planet. It is past time for those in politics to seek alternative and renewable energy. I will work each and every day to break our reliance on fossil fuels and foreign oil

Anything else?

I’m here lets have a conversation

Look around the website or send me an email.

To earn your vote,

not buy it